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Lind-Hart Business Systems

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Lind-Hart Business Systems was founded by David Nyhart nearly 40 years ago. Lind-Hart Business Systems operates as a full service retail Cash Register and POS dealership in Hamburg, NY. We proudly serve the Western New York Area with sales, service-repair and parts. You will find our customer service is second to none. For generations we've supported businesses and because of our superior customer service have helped countless businesses forge on through the evolution of technology.

When we started providing Business System solutions for Retailers nearly 40 years ago, computers & the internet were not in the equation. The most common solution for retailers back then was large heavy Mechanical Registers. As technology evolved over the years, so has Lind-Hart Business Systems. We still provide service for end users who own and operate those Mechanical Registers, and we still sell many products for those registers.

Many Cash Registers Dealers across the country have gone away or have switched to selling POS systems only. We on the other hand sell and service POS systems and Cash Registers. Both segments of our business continue to grow because of the lack of Cash Register Dealers across the country and our superior customer/end-user support.

Management Team:
David Nyhart - Owner
Andrew Nyhart - Co-Owner and President of Sales
Timothy Aselin - Head Technician

Please feel free to contact for more information us via phone 716-648-0542 or contact us through our contact section on our website.